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Sutton art school offers 27 art camps for summer 2024!

A series of week-long camps brings children and artists together. All families and friends are invited on Fridays to the vernissages of individual and collective works created during the summer.


for children aged 6 to 15

What are the summer camps?

The meeting of artists and youth.

A unique and inspiring environment.

An impressive array of activities.

Festive vernissages to bring people together.

“Thank you for the best summer of my life!”
- N, 7 years

“My class is completely surrounded by paint! And when I'm outside
All I see are flowers, flowers, flowers!”
- C, 9 years

“My child has really opened up this summer. Before the camp, he was really shy and in a bubble. He expresses himself a lot more, writes poems and shares his work with enthusiasm.

“My child absolutely loved his experience last summer.The spectacular environment, the professional artists teaching the kids, the variety of offerings, the vernissage where he got to showcase his artwork - the camps were incredible.He wants to attend 9 weeks of camp this year!”

If you have any questions about registration, please contact Geneviève

Did you know that our camps are tax-deductible?

Here's a table explaining deductions.