About us


The Sutton School of Art is a non-profit organization dedicated
to the artistic awakening of children through access to various visual arts techniques and epxressions.

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The Sutton School of Art was founded in 2016 for children aged 3 to 17 years and became a non-profit in 2021. Our space is dedicated to cultural expression to encourage innovation in our community.

Education through the arts shapes individuals sensitive to beauty, capable of both rigor and open-mindedness. The transformative power of the arts helps our children cultivate greater self-esteem and confidence in their capacity for new ideas.

Art is an act of free expression. It's through the creative process of trial and error that children discover their own unique sense of identity and develop critical thinking skills. We value cultural diversity and encourage mutual respect and understanding of the world around us. We believe that there are as many paths to knowledge as there are artists, and this creativity develops over a lifetime.

Passionate about the arts since childhood, I studied art history and cultural management.

For me, happiness means meeting artists and exploring the world through new experiences and through travel.

When my children were born, I chose to offer them an artistic education through a project that would bring the community together."

Anne-Marie Lavigne,
Founder and Executive Director


The Sutton School of Art is a place where art is a process of free expression. Artistic practices are expressed on a daily basis through unique experiences and collective creations. Individual explorations in art enable not only personal growth but also social engagement.

Content / experiences that recharge your batteries

We offer a wide range of activities for people of all ages. We engage in ongoing reflection on the meaning of creation and the place of art in society.

Opening / meetings to exchange ideas

We encourage interactions between guest artists, filmmakers and authors, cultural organizations, communities and families. Disseminating works of art enables us to share knowledge and open up dialogue.

Place / a space to settle

Our site is made up of creative spaces full of life and in constant motion. And is a playground for exploration. It's a cross between an art gallery and a large, cosy country house.

Destination / moments of wonder

As a cultural and tourist destination in the Eastern Townships, you can enjoy multidisciplinary exhibitions, unique workshops and unique events. It's also an opportunity to discover young artists through their first artworks.

Statement of values


Of service to children

We are an art school rooted in the community, serving families year-round, and a rallying place that fosters social diversity.



We offer an art education through meaningful encounters with artists and their work. The transformative power of the arts fosters innovation, self-discovery and a deeper sense of belonging and community.



Reflecting on the meaning of art and humanity is central to our programming. We invite young people to take part in conversations and reflect on solutions to the challenges of shaping our societies.



We're an organization that fosters the collective wealth of the whole community, and the sharing of knowledge, spaces, tools, ideas and assets. The Art School was built and continues to evolve thanks to the donations and generosity of our partners.



The local heritage is showcased in our school by our
The region's heritage is enhanced in our school by our objective to offer bilingual programs in French and English, and to promote Aboriginal languages such as Abenaki. Hosting international artistic delegations opens up new cultural horizons.




Designing ballet sets with 200 children. Students create a mural in the Sutton elementary school cafeteria, in collaboration with the mural artist MC Baldassari

2017 - 2018

First weeks of art camps

Welcoming 24 children over 2 weeks, with the expertise of some 20 artists.
The architectural exploration camp presents its achievements at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. The school's first summer pavilion is designed in collaboration with architect Pierre Thibault.


Purchase of the former Sutton creamery

Second year of architecture camps, third year of art camps and increased capacity of 500 visitors.


Maintaining comprehensive programming

Full summer operation during the pandemic, with around 100 children enrolled. Founding of the Board of Directors, first artist residencies, first Open House, first small Book Fairs.


Consolidation phase

20,000 visitors annually: 24 camps offered, 80 authors invited to the Little Book Fair, 14 Québécois films screened. New partnerships with organizations such as La Société des arts technologiques de Montréal, La Maison de l'architecture du Québec, Vermont's Bread and Puppet Theater and the Knowlton Film Festival.